Grimaldi Contractors provides professional structural repair services for Montgomery County suburbs. Whether it is commercial or residential, we restore your structures safely and so you no longer have to worry.

Structural Repair and Restoration Of Steel And Wood Beams

If you have a need for structural repair and restoration services in Montgomery county, we can help and provide steel and wood beam repair and installation. In addition to the recontruction of support beams and wood posts. Grimaldi contractors can restore piers, columns, stairs, walkways, sagging floors, footings, bowed walls and more. This includes joists and wood framed walls in addition to exterior wood structures such as decks. We can also help with piers, beams or foundation repairs including beam plates and dry rotted beams. Whether you structure needs repair or a complete replacement, Grimaldi contractors will be with you every step of the way to ensure your home is structurally safe. We assess your needs and come up with a detailed plan to complete the project in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Metal bea supporting corner of basement


Have a masonry project in Montgomery County that you would like to get started? Grimaldi contractors can help whether it is concrete paving and foundations, exterior wall repair, stone work or retaining wall repair and installation. You can rest assure you are getting a professional repair, installation or restoration. Here are some masonry repair ideas to give you a little inspiration.

Staircase built from bricks



“I recently had extensive structural problems in a home I purchased. Grimaldi Contractors were amazing. Mark was there with his professional staff and made the process so easy every step of the way. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and I felt at ease knowing that the job was being done right. I was more than happy with the end result. They are truly experts in structural repair. I highly recommend them and will be referring them to all of my family and friends. Thank you Grimaldi Contractors for a job well done!” View more testimonials.