Structural Repair & Renovation

Grimaldi is a structural repair contractor.  Local and based in Montgomery County, PA.  We are available throughout the Tri State Area.   Also proud to have 35 years of experience with structural repair.  This includes structural steel beam repair.  In addition to structural wood beam repair.  Or joist repair and renovations.   We are also known as one of the “go to” masonry contractors.  Providing all of the services required to remodel or renovate your existing structures.  In addition to constructing your new structures.

Repairing and Renovating
Structural Repair Damage

The structural repair of steel beams, wood beams, and masonry work we do provides restoration and maintenance services to help keep your structure safe and sound.

Structural Repair & Remediation

Repairing structural damage is our specialty. In addition to the construction of new structures and additions.  We also provide exterior structure work.   Especially stucco and masonry work.   This includes concrete and paving.  In addition ro stone work, and retaining walls.
Whether you need remediation of wood or steel beams.  Including piers and columns.  Or have stairs, walkways, or sagging floors.  Or foundation issues such as bowed walls.  In either case, we are the contractor to call.  We will make sure your structures are safe.
Structural repair project beam in basement

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“Restoring Your Structures To Keep You Safe and Sound!”

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