Professional structural repair services for the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. Whether it is commercial or residential, we can restore your structures safe and sound so you no longer have to worry.

Steel or Wood Beam Structural Repair and Restoration

Grimaldi Contractors provides structural repair and restoration services for the Philadelphia area which include steel and wood beam repair and installation. This includes piers, columns, stairs, walkways, sagging floors, footings, bowed walls and more. In addition to joists and wood framed walls in addition to exterior wood structures such as decks. Grimaldi contractors also provides pier and beam foundation repair which includes beam plates and dry rotted beams. In addition to wood posts and support beams. Whether you need you need repair or replacement, Grimaldi contractors has you covered and will ensure your home is structurally safe. We can assess your needs and come up with a detailed plan to complete the project in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Steel and wood beam repair in basement.


Grimaldi contractors is also one of the top masonry contractors in the Philadelphia region. Whether it is concrete paving and foundations, exterior wall repair, stone work or retaining wall repair and installation, you can ensure you are getting a professional structural repair, installation or restoration. Here are some masonry repair ideas to give you some inspiration.

Renovated masonry structural project on building with clock



“Back in Jan 2016, Mark Grimaldi first recommended getting a structural engineers assessment which I thought better then just telling me he would fix it. They ended up not only sistering a damaged joist but installing steel beams to support the whole floor and raise it, fixing issues in floor above, and securing additional joists in pockets. Did several other things around the area, all done in a couple of days, efficient courteous and accommodating.” View more testimonials.